TMS mechanical engineering

We are able to manufacture special solutions and spare parts soon and precise in our new production hall. Here we also carry out repairs on components or spindle reconditioning. As a specialist for overhauling of machines in sector of precision optics, we can also maintenance and even modify your machine if your manufacturing process will change.

We can realize special solutions for you, furthermore also plan with the aid of modern 3D CAD system SolidWorks.

The establishment of our company was based on the following considerations:

We entered this market gap, maintained our position in the market and constantly developed since our foundation in 2008.

Kay Trumpler received the Hessian Founder Award in 2009 for our company founding at Wetzlar.

Just one year later we were able to present our first self-development at the Optatec – the international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems: a Centering machine for optical components [Link „Centering machine“].

In the following years, we developed further machines, which we presented on Optatec to a special public. From this time forward we proffer them worldwide:

In 2015, we moved the company to our new 1.000 square meter production site in Biebertal.
Today, we work with 10 employees and we also train. We employ our own engineer so we are able to develop, program and manufacture complex production systems and special solutions.