TMS e.K. - Partner for your optics manufacturing 

You need a special solution in optics production – then contact us, we provide new optical machines, overhauled used optical machines and we can modify your optical machine, so it will be in accordance with changed requirements.

You have a special component in the range of precision optics and need a special solution for processing a clear definite working process, so contact us. We surely develop a special solution – from optical machine up to customized software for your requirement.

Unheeding if it is about overhaul, maintenance or repair – we ensure, that your optical machine works faultless und precise, even if the machine descended by a manufacturer, who does no longer produce any machinery.

Well-equipped workshop and manufactureOur well-equipped workshop and manufacture enable us to

Create special solutions

Overhaul – we transfer used optical machines to as new condition, even no matter of whom manufacturer the machines descended from

Production of urgently needed spare parts – even for machines, whose manufacturer no longer produce

Repair of components

Machine- and spindle reconditioning

For requirement of our customers we offer our own developments:

If you have any questions or you are interested in our optical machines? Contact us and test our productivity and quality.

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Kay Trumpler Owner