New optical machines

Our modular system allows for cost-effective adjustments of our optical machines according to your requirements

We develop and build cost-effective optics machines – we can offer you an attractive price because we consciously implement our optics machines in modular system – the modular system allows us to adapt the machine to your requirements with simple and thought-out solutions. The modular system allows us to customize the machine to fit exactly your products.

Your advantage: At TMS e.K. you can just acquire what you really need. So you do not have an over the top optical machine with features that never needed, but to pay with.

We specialize in particularly solutions for precision optics. Our machines are used by customers of different industries: in medical technology for endoscopy, in sensor technology and also in the sector of optics for consumer products.

Our development:

Machines for precision optics are conceptualized, developed and manufactured by our company. Our three largest machines so far are

In addition, we have implemented various customer-specific applications.

All our developments will be designed in close contact with the customer and, if possible, also with the operator. If possible, we always try to access or expand our existing modular system to keep delivery times as low as possible.

TMS e.K. realizes special solutions for you.

We offer you an appliance or a special measurement for your special component. Or we can produce a specific machine, which is create to your special needs, e.g.:

Equipment for optical machines

We also supply the necessary equipment for your machines, from exhaust devices to centrifuges and coolant containers to the required tools.